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Sweatshirts have become one of the fundamentals of sportswear, and although we inevitably associate them with the sporty style, today we can incorporate women's brand sweatshirts even in the best and most sophisticated street style. This versatile apparel was created with the goal of creating a soft, comfortable garment for soldiers fighting in WWII. Its success and evolution were such that the sweatshirt has become an essential piece of streetwear. Versatility and comfort are two of its basic characteristics, and it is difficult to find a garment that is equally practical in the feminine wardrobe. Women's brand sweatshirts can be an ideal piece in our summer looks, for those cooler nights; They can also be in winter, combining them with a long skirt and under a coat or jacket. As for colors and styles, our wardrobe cannot be without the basic gray or black; but it is also interesting to incorporate into our wardrobe a sweatshirt with embroidery, logos, colors or some striking graphic. Their silhouettes also surprise with their originality, leaving behind the traditional hoodie, and taking it to the field of ponchos, puffed sleeves and sophisticated fabrics and textures. Endless options suitable for wearing them on practically any occasion. Wear it on the shoulders in true preppy style, or at the waist to give that touch of informality to your look. Whatever your style, in our selection of women's sweatshirts you will find the design that best suits your personality.