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Despite the fact that this is a garment originally designed for men, jeans have become an essential in the female wardrobe. Its current aesthetic corresponds to that devised by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis in 1873, giving rise to one of the most iconic and timeless garments. Its popularity increased in the 60s and both men and women wore it, sometimes as a symbol of rebellion, others to follow the fashion of the moment. Be that as it may, its importance was such that even Time magazine chose jeans as the most relevant garment of the 20th century. Jeans can be considered one of those garments that are always in fashion. Versatile like most, a good pair of women's jeans can take you from day to night just by changing your footwear or accessories. The almost unlimited variety that jeans offer means that you can combine them with practically any other garment, from a white T-shirt or button-down shirt to a very sophisticated top. In terms of style, for the last ten years skinny or slim fit jeans have reigned the denim scene, but there are also other options of jeans for women depending on the look you want to achieve. Just as there is the perfect skirt or dress for every occasion, there is also the ideal pair of jeans for your outfit.