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Herno was born in Italy and brings with it the italian inspiration which defines it. Their exclusive jackets are well-known worldwide for their design and quality. This brand stays loyal to their craftsmanship of their beginnings, combining it with the engineering of products and adapting their products to the current date. Also, the firm doesn’t only worry on what it is producing but also in how it’s done: the firm worries about the environment basing their production in sustainable processes. Don’t let the opportunity of acquiring the jackets that everyone would want offered by Santa Eulalia escape. Also, in our selection of Herno for woman you will find jackets which have been designed exclusively for Santa Eulalia due to its 175 birthday. They are made of a unique tissue. Herno breaks with their classic and characteristic style to offer us this design with open neckline, ¾ sleeve and an opening of two golden pressured buttons. Include two outer pockets and is available in varied and happy colours. Don’t miss this exclusive collection for Santa Eulalia and that we put to your availability so that you can stay warm without saying no to your style.