Returns, Shipping costs and taxes

To process a return, you have 14 days after receipt of your order for any purchase that complies with our returns policy, by requesting a collection through this link, or at our shop at Paseo de Gracia 93, in Barcelona.

Destination Box 1 Dimensions  Box 2 Dimensions 
EU European Free Free
Rest of the world 27x27x12 cm - €50 41x33x12 cm - €75
European Economic Union Shipping
Destination Shipping method Delivery times Shipping costs


1-2 business days €5
Standard 2-3 business days Free
Same day
(Before 1:00 p.m.,
only Barcelona city)
The same day (business day)


Pick-up in the store 1-2 business days Free
EU European Express 1-3 business days €10
Standard 3-4 business days Free
Outside the European Economic Union Shipping
Destination Shipping method delivery times Shipping costs Taxes
Rest of the world


3-6 business days

Order > €350

Order < €350

By the customer

* The Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are treated as the rest of the world

You can consult more information about our return policy on our Frequently Asked Questions page, Changes and Returns section.