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  1. Bow Knit Polo

    Thom Browne

    Bow Knit Polo

    Так же низко как 935 €
  2. Plain T-Shirt

    Jil Sander

    Plain T-Shirt

    Так же низко как 160 €
  3. Image


    Button Logo T-shirt

    Так же низко как 270 €
3 results
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Women's T-shirts are one of the most versatile pieces of a woman's wardrobe. They began life as underwear and moved into more formal wear. However it's now common to find women's T-shirts combined with almost all types of garments in a range of styles, from jeans and sneakers, to pencil skirts with stiletto heels. World-famous catwalks have taken notice of street style and adapted to this trend. We begin to see T-shirts that are oversized, slightly fitted or slim fit, almost all made from 100% cotton, although there are also silk options. The latest trends from the top brands include T-shirts with printed logos, although we also have proposals with floral prints or pictures as well as the classic, plain T-shirts. Find your women's T-shirts here from brands such as Kenzo, Balenciaga, Givenchy and others.