We are currently seeing a change in women's formal jackets. Although for many the jacket never disappeared from our wardrobes, it is true that new trends have included an updated jacket which has been reborn and become a key piece to ensure you stand out on special occasions. Catwalks and celebrities in the fashion world drive this trend that you can follow with the selection of pieces we have brought together at Santa Eulalia, including different models with their own very distinctive style, each one the perfect choice for a different type of woman or special event. Find the formal jacket that best suits your style from brands such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Sonia Rykiel, Lanvin and others.
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  1. Sleeveless Trench Coat


    Sleeveless Trench Coat

    Так же низко как 945 € Обычная цена 1 890 €
  2. Image

    Acne Studios

    Gabardina Lino Arrugada

    Так же низко как 480 € Обычная цена 800 €
  3. Cotton Jacket with Hood

    Stella McCartney

    Cotton Jacket with Hood

    Так же низко как 450 € Обычная цена 895 €
  4. Scuba Technical Jacket


    Scuba Technical Jacket

    Так же низко как 475 € Обычная цена 675 €
  5. Bicolored Rearranged Gabardine


    Bicolored Rearranged Gabardine

    Так же низко как 995 € Обычная цена 1 990 €
  6. Le Manteau Bagli gabardine


    Le Manteau Bagli gabardine

    Так же низко как 690 € Обычная цена 1 150 €
  7. Image


    Trench Coat with cashmere scarf

    Так же низко как 1 595 € Обычная цена 3 190 €
  8. Image


    Deconstructed fleece gabardine

    Так же низко как 1 795 € Обычная цена 3 590 €
8 results
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