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They can be used to hide the gaze, protect your eyes from the sun or even "simply" as an extra touch, but the fact is that men's sunglasses are an essential accessory. Pilots during the Second World War made them popular, but the origin of sunglasses goes back thousands of years. Eskimos used rudimentary sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun reflecting off the snow, later in the 13th century glasses began to be tinted to protect eyesight and in 15th century China they were used by judges to hide their expressions. It was on the east coast of the United States that they began to be mass produced in 1929 by Sam Foster. Thanks to this evolution, we now have luxury sunglasses to suit all tastes, with lenses in black, brown, gold, grey, pink, blue, yellow and in materials such as plastic, acetate or titanium. Choose your men's sunglasses and give your look that special touch.