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Alexander McQueen discloses its new AW19 men collection. This time the staples are elegant and romantic.

The founder, a British son of the 70s from the famous East End quarter, is famous all over the world as the one whose dresses were the desire garment of a long list of women. Whereas, his extraordinary British talent had to wait until 1993 to show off and blow peoples’ mind. It was actually in the early 90s when his name was first associated with his creations, when he presented his first collection, Taxi Driver.

An international renowned Brand which creations can definitely be considered as real artworks in themselves, Alexander McQueen’s touch can be found both in shapes and in the mise-en-scène, that takes us back to a forlorn past. That’s how an originally Londoner Brand turned out to be one of the most desired of the world. Futurism, Technology and Classicism with glimpse craziness are the basic ingredients to build mixed to build Alexander McQueen brand.

Alexander McQueen Barcelona

The beauty of a collection that doesn’t even need to be introduced

The starting point of the Brand’s new AW19 collection is the less baroque version of the typical African dandy. The first innovation relates to the collection presentation, in a detached location outside the international runways. The decision originated from the belief to have created something that didn’t need to be explained. This season, through the complicated equilibrium between the simplicity and the abundance of Burton’s creations for Alexander McQueen, takes the last Women collection as reference, the one who emerged from the optimism and the creative freedom of the 80s, after the after-war depression.

It is worth to leaf through the archives of the past and draw the right inspiration to imagine great possibilities for the future. This is exactly what Alexander McQueen did with his latest AW19 men collection, whose inspirations and homages go both to the North (the new designer’s homeland) and to the nostalgia for the past.

Alexander McQueen

A collection based on contrasts

The 50s optimism mixed with the 80s creative freedom are to be considered the basis of creativity and art influence. Here is where harsh Realism meets English Romanticism.

Alexander McQueen Barcelona

The traditional colors of the Brand: black, white and grey give now way to brighter colors such as red, pink or blue, is it on a total look or on flowered and checkered XXL patterns. Leather garments and coats turned now into the best ally to complete an XXI-man look’s print, adding a touch of nostalgia to it. Again, contrasted brush-strokes on bold waistcoats and English rose clasps are implied now to complete the traditional Prince of Wales print with some magenta stripes.

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