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Quilted jackets developed when their creator, Eddie Bauer, almost died of hypothermia when his woollen coat got wet and froze. At that moment he decided to invent a better coat. Following a prototype from the Russian army, he first created a jacket with a down interior, but the filling tended to clump at the bottom leaving the upper half of his body unprotected from the cold. He then had the idea of dividing the garment into down-filled cells to ensure the whole body was covered: the quilted jacket was born. The 1980s saw a revival of quilted jackets and they became a synonym of style and status, promoted by luxury brands particularly in the more colourful versions. Thanks to new techniques and fabrics, today's versions are more lightweight but provide greater warmth. There are also quilted gilets, which provide greater freedom of movement. The Moncler brand is an essential part of our selection of quilted jackets and we also have examples from brands such as Herno and Acne.

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