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  1. Bow Wool Mini Skirt

    Thom Browne

    Bow Wool Mini Skirt

    As low as €950
  2. Bow Wool Widi Skirt

    Thom Browne

    Bow Wool Widi Skirt

    As low as €1,060
  3. Belted Linen Bermuda Shorts


    Belted Linen Bermuda Shorts

    As low as €310
  4. Bellitud Scallop Shorts


    Bellitud Scallop Shorts

    As low as €395
  5. Arancia Knit Shorts


    Arancia Knit Shorts

    As low as €175
  6. Technical Paperbag Shorts


    Technical Paperbag Shorts

    As low as €285
  7. Buckled Linen Bermuda Shorts

    Acne Studios

    Buckled Linen Bermuda Shorts

    As low as €320
  8. Ruffled Knit Skirt

    Alexander McQueen

    Ruffled Knit Skirt

    As low as €970
  9. Silk Taffeta Skirt

    Jil Sander

    Silk Taffeta Skirt

    As low as €950
  10. Cotton Flared Skirt

    Acne Studios

    Cotton Flared Skirt

    As low as €330
  11. La Jupe Novio Skirt


    La Jupe Novio Skirt

    As low as €485
  12. Ruched Lingerie Skirt

    Alexander Wang

    Ruched Lingerie Skirt

    As low as €385
  13. Logo Pleated Knit Skirt


    Logo Pleated Knit Skirt

    As low as €660
  14. Knit Button Skirt


    Knit Button Skirt

    As low as €690
  15. Paisley Denim Skirt

    Acne Studios

    Paisley Denim Skirt

    As low as €290
  16. Ruffled Gingham Skirt


    Ruffled Gingham Skirt

    As low as €1,190
  17. Fitted Checked Skirt


    Fitted Checked Skirt

    As low as €890
  18. Crochet Pompoms Skirt

    Bottega Veneta

    Crochet Pompoms Skirt

    As low as €950
  19. Bellitude Floral Shorts


    Bellitude Floral Shorts

    As low as €460
  20. Flipped waistband Shorts

    Alexander Wang

    Flipped waistband Shorts

    As low as €290
45 results
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Skirts are an indisputable key piece. It is undoubtedly a garment with a high feminine meaning that allows you from the most naive look, to the most lady or the sexiest. Over time, women's skirts have given way to shorts or shorts, sharing the limelight in several more casual or sophisticated styles. There are many ways to classify skirt styles, but the most common are based on length. In the XL or maxi version they are ideal for night outfits, with noble fabrics, glitter or tulle. The midi version is perfect thanks to its versatility. Depending on the fabric, the pattern and what it is complemented with, it will have a perfect look for the day, for a cocktail or for the night. And finally, the mini or skirt-short version, for the woman who likes to show off her legs and who dares to do anything. Be that as it may, the women's skirt in all its versions is a perfect garment as a wardrobe background and a versatile piece that allows a multitude of outfits according to its fabric and cut. Whether it's mini, midi or XL, you can combine a skirt with a shoe, a ballerina, an ankle boot or a good heel and you will get completely different looks. Hence, the large firms always bet on this piece in each of their collections. Santa Eulalia offers you a careful selection so that you can find the skirt that best suits your style.