Ankle Boots

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Each style and moment has its own version of the ankle boot and women's ankle boots are one of the must haves this season. Whatever the weather, if its a party or a hiking trip, you're sure to find the perfect ankle boots for you. The most emphatic versions are the chunky ankle boots with a combat feel, track sole and an all-terrain look. Famous brands combine them with romantic dresses to create a contrast. For colder weather and more informal occasions, we have chosen sporty ankle boots and ankle boots made from technical fabric, thoroughly comfortable and warm footwear. If you're looking for a much more sophisticated option, at Santa Eulalia we have ankle boots with open toes and different models with fine heels, in suede, leather and with tacks or tassels. In this section you'll find more women's ankle boots, many of them so versatile that you can wear them all day and into the night without losing that fresh feel and elegant look.