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Since the 19th century, women's blouses and shirts have been women's wardrobe staple. With their great versatility, the right piece can save a look on any occasion and make a difference with its attention to details and high-quality fabric. That's why it's very important to choose designer blouses and shirts that are based on quality and good design. At Santa Eulalia we have brought together a carefully chosen selection of the best brands to offer you high-quality garments that you can wear day-to-day as well as for special occasions, with designs in silk or cotton, different fittings and prints, include the classic white (an essential wardrobe staple). Following current trends, we have included different designs from important brands such as Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Isabel Marant and others.
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  1. Drop Shoulder Blouse

    Alexander Wang

    Drop Shoulder Blouse

    Out of stock
  2. White Poplin Shirt


    White Poplin Shirt

    As low as €115
  3. Polka Dot Cotton Blouse


    Polka Dot Cotton Blouse

    As low as €175
  4. Open Back Blouse

    Stella McCartney

    Open Back Blouse

    As low as €435
  5. Image


    Sleeveless Cotton Blouse

    As low as €213
  6. Striped Cotton Shirt

    Alexander McQueen

    Striped Cotton Shirt

    As low as €980
  7. Valensole Cotton Shirt


    Valensole Cotton Shirt

    Out of stock
  8. Short Sleeved Shirt

    Stella McCartney

    Short Sleeved Shirt

    As low as €645
  9. Short Sleeved Shirt


    Short Sleeved Shirt

    As low as €350
  10. Bib Top Crepe Blouse


    Bib Top Crepe Blouse

    As low as €320
  11. Bib Top Poplin Blouse


    Bib Top Poplin Blouse

    As low as €290
  12. Floral Chiffon Shirt

    Acne Studios

    Floral Chiffon Shirt

    As low as €450
  13. Bruna Pleated Shirt

    The Row

    Bruna Pleated Shirt

    As low as €1,680
  14. Silk-Crepe Collar Shirt

    Victoria Beckham

    Silk-Crepe Collar Shirt

    As low as €765
  15. Printed Satin Twill Shirt


    Printed Satin Twill Shirt

    As low as €315
  16. Silk Floral Jacquard Shirt


    Silk Floral Jacquard Shirt

    As low as €1,350
  17. Floral Cloqué Shirt


    Floral Cloqué Shirt

    As low as €385
  18. Wrap-Over Blouse

    Diane Von Furstenberg

    Wrap-Over Blouse

    As low as €320
  19. Wavelength Smock Blouse


    Wavelength Smock Blouse

    As low as €630
  20. Camisa Wavelength Placement


    Camisa Wavelength Placement

    As low as €950
81 results
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