Women's knitwear is probably the most comfortable clothing there is, thanks to the freedom of movement it allows and the comfortable fabric. Every woman's wardrobe should have some knitwear as it serves a multitude of purposes; in summer a fine knit jacket is enough if the night becomes cooler, while in winter a thick knit sweater is an enticing option. Knitwear is also very versatile and can be easily adapted to different styles. At Santa Eulalia we have knitted dresses, cardigans and sweaters, in a range of designs that are suitable for all types of woman. You'll find knitwear for relaxed occasions as well as for more elegant events, with proposals in neutral colours and those with eye-catching combinations and prints.

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  1. Lana Mohair Sweater

    Acne Studios

    Lana Mohair Sweater

    As low as €280
  2. Long Jacquard Cardigan

    Thom Browne

    Long Jacquard Cardigan

    As low as €1,980
  3. Image


    Rib Knit Colors Jumper

    As low as €560
  4. Wool Nylon Sweater


    Wool Nylon Sweater

    As low as €525
  5. Rib knit sweater

    Thom Browne

    Rib knit sweater

    As low as €830
  6. Striped Cashmere Sweater

    Le Kasha

    Striped Cashmere Sweater

    As low as €1,145
  7. Double Breasted Sweater


    Double Breasted Sweater

    As low as €420
  8. Image

    Stella McCartney

    V-Neck Knit Sweater

    As low as €695
  9. Turtleneck Sweater


    Turtleneck Sweater

    As low as €990
  10. Silk Top

    Santa Eulalia

    Silk Top

    As low as €680
  11. Image

    Santa Eulalia

    Silk Cashmere Sweater

    As low as €455
  12. Silk Cashmere Sweater

    Santa Eulalia

    Silk Cashmere Sweater

    As low as €455
12 results
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