These days, women's trousers are an essential piece, but it wasn't always this way. Trousers used to be worn only by men and only began to be worn by women from the 19th century for work. However, during the 1930s, they began to be accepted among women partly as a result of the many photographs of actresses Marlene Dietrich and Katherine Hepburn wearing trousers and in 1960, trousers began to be mass produced for women. Women's trousers are a garment that has changed a great deal in both style and use. There are currently many different fittings so that each woman can find the trousers that best flatter her figure and adapt to her style. At Santa Eulalia you'll find different women's trousers suitable for every occasion and that can be worn as part of your daily wear, whether it's a stroll through the city on your day off, a party or an important event, with trousers from brands such as Alexander Wang and others.

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  1. Runway Flared Trousers

    Alexander Wang

    Runway Flared Trousers

    As low as €580
  2. Elastic Logo Trousers

    Alexander Wang

    Elastic Logo Trousers

    As low as €635
  3. Crepé Trousers

    The Row

    Crepé Trousers

    As low as €1,220
  4. Crepé Trousers

    The Row

    Crepé Trousers

    As low as €1,220
  5. Image

    Bottega Veneta

    Leather Shorts

    As low as €2,100
  6. Image


    High-Rise Basic Jeans

    As low as €205
  7. Slim Fit Trousers


    Slim Fit Trousers

    As low as €790
  8. Knit trousers with belt


    Knit trousers with belt

    As low as €350
  9. Belt Knit Pants


    Belt Knit Pants

    As low as €350
  10. Striped Wool Trousers


    Striped Wool Trousers

    As low as €360
  11. Checked Pants


    Checked Pants

    As low as €335
  12. Slim Fit Pants


    Slim Fit Pants

    As low as €245
  13. Buckle Waist Trousers

    Jil Sander

    Buckle Waist Trousers

    As low as €750
  14. Checked Capri Pants

    Acne Studios

    Checked Capri Pants

    As low as €390
  15. Contrast Waist Joggers


    Contrast Waist Joggers

    As low as €385
  16. Cropped 4 Stripes Pants

    Thom Browne

    Cropped 4 Stripes Pants

    As low as €1,340
  17. Wool Pockets Pants

    Stella McCartney

    Wool Pockets Pants

    As low as €650
  18. Knit Tailored Pants

    Jil Sander

    Knit Tailored Pants

    As low as €590
  19. Straight Cargo Pants


    Straight Cargo Pants

    As low as €990
  20. Checked Wool Pants


    Checked Wool Pants

    As low as €410
51 results
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