If there's one accessory that's pretty much essential in the world of women's fashion and it has to be the bag. Women's bags adapt to different styles, times of day and tastes, but what they have in common is we use them to store all our secrets (and have done for centuries). Designer bags, particularly focused on small details, are bags that are popular with women who enjoy quality and fashion. Following these points, we have chosen a selection of bags in different styles, from bags for evening wear, shoulder bags and large bags and from different brands such as Chloé and others. The perfect bag for every occasion, whether it's a gala dinner, a marathon day's sightseeing or a stroll through the city. And always with quality touches that reflect your style.

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  1. Lou Mini Bag

    Saint Laurent

    Lou Mini Bag

    As low as €950
  2. Stella Logo Bag

    Stella McCartney

    Stella Logo Bag

    As low as €535
  3. Mini Falabella Bag

    Stella McCartney

    Mini Falabella Bag

    As low as €395
  4. Quilted Mini Bag


    Quilted Mini Bag

    As low as €690
  5. Cash Zip Phone Bag


    Cash Zip Phone Bag

    As low as €550
  6. Everyday Tote Bag


    Everyday Tote Bag

    As low as €795
  7. Image


    Postina L Pura Bag

    As low as €780
  8. Padded Cassette Bag

    Bottega Veneta

    Padded Cassette Bag

    As low as €2,200
  9. Baby oval bag


    Baby oval bag

    As low as €190 Regular Price €290
  10. Bucket bag


    Bucket bag

    As low as €200 Regular Price €310
  11. Small PVC Tote bag


    Small PVC Tote bag

    As low as €710 Regular Price €1,090
  12. Cassette Bag

    Bottega Veneta

    Cassette Bag

    As low as €1,500
  13. The Mini Pouch Bag

    Bottega Veneta

    The Mini Pouch Bag

    As low as €1,190
  14. Small Cabalace Bag

    Christian Louboutin

    Small Cabalace Bag

    As low as €990
  15. Fringed Leather Bag

    Jil Sander

    Fringed Leather Bag

    As low as €1,250
  16. Stella bag with logo

    Stella McCartney

    Stella bag with logo

    As low as €595
  17. Image


    Mini Mystic Bag

    As low as €1,890
  18. Image


    B-Buzz 23 Bag

    As low as €1,490
  19. Image


    B-Buzz 23 padded leather bag

    As low as €1,690
  20. Image


    Postina M Pura Bag

    As low as €750
27 results
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