The contents of a woman's wardrobe says a great deal about her. At Santa Eulalia we strive to offer women's designer clothes with the essence of each luxury brand and examples of the latest trends from the best catwalks in the world. We offer designer clothes and accessories from the world's top brands, for women who are concerned with quality and well constructed pieces, who are looking for garments designed with great attention to detail to ensure that they look perfect on every occasion. All our designer clothing is chosen with modern women in mind, women who demand excellence from their clothing. At Santa Eulalia you'll find designer clothes that you can identify with and that reflect your style, as we work with different brands such as Valentino Garavani, Sonia Rykiel, Saint Laurent and others. Very different designers with regards to style but with one thing in common: the attention to detail and quality of each piece.
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  1. Call Me Très Vivier Micro Bag

    Roger Vivier

    Call Me Très Vivier Micro Bag

    As low as €1,200
  2. Call Me Viv 'Bag

    Roger Vivier

    Call Me Viv 'Bag

    As low as €1,500
  3. Leather boots


    Leather boots

    As low as €695
  4. Camouflage sneakers

    Valentino Garavani

    Camouflage sneakers

    As low as €550
  5. Biker Peplum Jacket

    Alexander McQueen

    Biker Peplum Jacket

    As low as €4,490
  6. Short Leather Jacket

    Bottega Veneta

    Short Leather Jacket

    As low as €3,990
  7. Belt Knit Pants


    Belt Knit Pants

    As low as €350
  8. Knit trousers with belt


    Knit trousers with belt

    As low as €350
  9. Straight Knit Blazer


    Straight Knit Blazer

    As low as €615
  10. Short Cotton Blazer

    Thom Browne

    Short Cotton Blazer

    As low as €1,520
  11. Perkins Neck Sweater


    Perkins Neck Sweater

    As low as €355
  12. Viscose Hands Shirt


    Viscose Hands Shirt

    As low as €315
  13. Jacquard Satin Shirt


    Jacquard Satin Shirt

    As low as €400
  14. Striped Jacquard Shirt


    Striped Jacquard Shirt

    As low as €310
  15. Cotton Bib Shirt


    Cotton Bib Shirt

    As low as €330
  16. Chelsea Boots Très Vivier

    Roger Vivier

    Chelsea Boots Très Vivier

    As low as €890
  17. Padded jacket

    Jil Sander

    Padded jacket

    As low as €1,290
  18. Kadalina padded jacket


    Kadalina padded jacket

    As low as €850
  19. Calla Padded Coat


    Calla Padded Coat

    As low as €950
  20. Calla Padded Coat


    Calla Padded Coat

    As low as €950
859 results
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