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  1. Cashmere Sweater


    Cashmere Sweater

    As low as €750
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    Santa Eulalia

    Cashmere and Silk Sweater

    As low as €560
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    Loro Piana

    Cashmere Fine Knit Sweater

    As low as €1,150
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Knitted menswear for many is the most comfortable type of clothing that exists; this is thanks to the comfort and ease of movement that it provides. What is more, knitted garments offer great versatility, making them suitable for a multitude of looks and different combinations. In warmer weather a sweater or fine knit gilet is more than enough as an extra layer if the night becomes cooler and when winter arrives the warm and knitted garments become the perfect option to wear under a coat. The thickness of the knit also affects how formal the garment is, meaning that sweaters, gilets and cardigans in a finer knit look more formal than clothes in a thicker knit which work better for casual wear. We have selected men's knitwear such as polo shirts, cardigans, and sweaters with V-necks, round necks and turnover collars from important brands, so that you can choose the designs that suit you best and continue to enjoy your style.