Men's coats used to be a garment more associated with combatants in the Second World War, alter becoming popular in the 1960s with young Brits as perfect for whizzing about on their Vespa scooters without getting their suits dirty. Nowadays, men's coats are a wardrobe staple, a coat that is the perfect combination of hard-wearing materials and informal style. Haute couture brands now include men's parkas in their collections, with the designs adapted to each brand's philosophy and the season's trends. This coat is made using insulating materials such as goose down in the case of Canada Goose coats. Find the one that suits you best, from military prints as well as black and other dark colours. Brands such as Herno, Loro Piana and Valentino Garavani now produce men's parkas.

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  1. Sherbrooke Parka

    Canada Goose

    Sherbrooke Parka

    As low as €1,150
  2. Langford Parka

    Canada Goose

    Langford Parka

    As low as €1,050
  3. Incotex Hooded Coat


    Incotex Hooded Coat

    As low as €790
  4. Padded Fur Coat


    Padded Fur Coat

    As low as €1,690
  5. Edward Padded Parka


    Edward Padded Parka

    As low as €1,250
  6. Laminar Hooded Coat


    Laminar Hooded Coat

    As low as €785
  7. Cashmere Straight Coat


    Cashmere Straight Coat

    As low as €1,975
  8. Double-breasted Coat

    Brunello Cucinelli

    Double-breasted Coat

    As low as €4,090
  9. Double-breasted Wool Coat

    Harris Wharf

    Double-breasted Wool Coat

    As low as €520
  10. Wool Double Breasted Coat

    Brunello Cucinelli

    Wool Double Breasted Coat

    As low as €3,400
  11. 4 Stripes Hoodie


    4 Stripes Hoodie

    As low as €3,920
  12. 4 Stripes Cardigan


    4 Stripes Cardigan

    As low as €1,400
  13. 4 Stripes Flannel Shirt


    4 Stripes Flannel Shirt

    As low as €1,400
  14. 4 Stripes Bomber Jacket


    4 Stripes Bomber Jacket

    As low as €1,370
  15. 4 Stripes Padded Coat

    Thom Browne

    4 Stripes Padded Coat

    As low as €2,740
  16. Primaloft Collection Coat

    Stone Island

    Primaloft Collection Coat

    As low as €1,020
  17. Removable Neck Coat


    Removable Neck Coat

    As low as €710
  18. Oversize Trench Coat


    Oversize Trench Coat

    As low as €1,890
  19. Houndstooth Coat


    Houndstooth Coat

    As low as €985
  20. Wool Resort Coat


    Wool Resort Coat

    As low as €995
25 results
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