Virgil Abloh is the founder of this rebellious brand, Off-White. He aims to reflect the rebellious attitude of the era, as he feels that his role as a designer is to immerse himself completely in the culture of his time. The brand concept refers to "gray matter" but the designer explains that it is not a brand, but rather an artistic project expressed through clothing. It has all kind of street-style clothes. At Santa Eulalia you will find women's caps, cropped sweaters and dresses by Off-white. If you re looking for ground breaking and rebellious style, you will love our selection of garments and accessories. Do not miss the latest trends in the most modern fashion and accessories. Check out the collections in the online store and complete your wardrobe with the perfect looks for any occasion, whatever the event. If you have any question, do not hesitate to get in touch, we work hard to ensure the best possible experience for our customers. Follow our blog and keep up-to-date on the latest in luxury fashion.
84 results
  1. Perkins Neck Sweater


    Perkins Neck Sweater

    低至 € 355
  2. Long Knit Dress


    Long Knit Dress

    低至 € 565
  3. Cashmere Sleeveless Sweater

    Jil Sander

    Cashmere Sleeveless Sweater

    低至 € 1,750
  4. Lana Mohair Sweater

    Acne Studios

    Lana Mohair Sweater

    低至 € 280
  5. Leopard Knit Coat

    Saint Laurent

    Leopard Knit Coat

    低至 € 1,990
  6. Quilted Knit Cardigan


    Quilted Knit Cardigan

    低至 € 755
  7. Long Jacquard Cardigan

    Thom Browne

    Long Jacquard Cardigan

    低至 € 1,980
  8. Ribbed Fringed Jumper

    Stella McCartney

    Ribbed Fringed Jumper

    低至 € 850
  9. Turtleneck Sweater


    Turtleneck Sweater

    低至 € 890
  10. Image


    Perkins Neck Sweatshirt

    低至 € 260
  11. Image


    Rib Knit Colors Jumper

    低至 € 560
  12. Bat Sleeve Sweater

    Santa Eulalia

    Bat Sleeve Sweater

    低至 € 540
  13. Merino Wool Jumper

    Thom Browne

    Merino Wool Jumper

    低至 € 1,380
  14. Lurex Animal Cardigan


    Lurex Animal Cardigan

    低至 € 180
  15. Quilted Knit Cardigan


    Quilted Knit Cardigan

    低至 € 770
  16. Long Knit Sweater

    Jil Sander

    Long Knit Sweater

    低至 € 690
  17. Mohair sweater


    Mohair sweater

    低至 € 650
  18. Cashmere Sweater


    Cashmere Sweater

    低至 € 890
  19. Knitted Cardigan


    Knitted Cardigan

    低至 € 355
  20. Wool Nylon Sweater


    Wool Nylon Sweater

    低至 € 525
84 results