Men's casual shirts are characterised by their huge variety and are generally made from Oxford fabric with an American or soft-roll collar. They are usually worn without a tie and the tips are kept in place with buttons. The fabrics and decoration used on men's casual shirts are much more varied and relaxed, with some models including front pockets, other shirts with geometric motifs, original prints, check patterns, denim or embroidery. Of course, there are also versions in plain colours or stripes. Whether you want to look classic and discreet in your free time or be the centre of attention and look daring, you're sure to find the casual shirt to suit you for every occasion from among the different versions we have selected from important brands such as Dsquared2, Kenzo, Alexander McQueen, Neil Barrett, Givenchy and Etro.
12 results
  1. Checked Poplin Shirt


    Checked Poplin Shirt

    低至 € 395
  2. Cotton Harness Shirt

    Alexander McQueen

    Cotton Harness Shirt

    低至 € 395
  3. Piqué Knit Shirt


    Piqué Knit Shirt

    低至 € 205
  4. Button-Down Cotton Shirt

    Santa Eulalia

    Button-Down Cotton Shirt

    低至 € 230
  5. Checked Cotton Shirt


    Checked Cotton Shirt

    低至 € 290
  6. Checked Cotton Shirt

    Thom Browne

    Checked Cotton Shirt

    低至 € 700
  7. Checkered Shirt


    Checkered Shirt

    低至 € 400
  8. Printed Cotton Shirt

    Santa Eulalia

    Printed Cotton Shirt

    低至 € 230
  9. Checked Flannel Shirt

    Thom Browne

    Checked Flannel Shirt

    低至 € 490
  10. Oxford Fabric Shirt

    Loro Piana

    Oxford Fabric Shirt

    低至 € 370
  11. Poplin Logo Shirt


    Poplin Logo Shirt

    低至 € 345
  12. Combined Bicolor Shirt

    Neil Barrett

    Combined Bicolor Shirt

    低至 € 425
12 results